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Chris Draper

Position: Developer


BS Computer Mathematics, Keene State College

BS Mathematics, University of New Hampshire


Design Automation Associates (2014-present)

Chris joined DAA in 2014. He primarily writes programs in C#, VB and C++. His contribution to the DAA team includes both web and desktop applications, utilizing software engineering as well as CAD and FEA automation. 


General Industry Experience (2 years)

Chris has five years of industry experience as a Software Engineer. His breadth of experience includes VB.NET, C#, Microsoft SQL, ADO.NET, ASP.NET and JavaScript with AJAX. Chris has worked on a variety of projects that demonstrate his diverse ability: reviewing peer code for back end and front end projects, writing back end code in C# for math based operations and file manipulation, writing Unit tests for C# code using MbUnit and Visual Studio Unit Testing Framework, and debugging other developer's unit tests.