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Dan Griffin

Position: Chief Engineer


MSME Solid Mechanics, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Masters Studies in Thermal Sciences & Fluids, University of Connecticut

BSME, University of Connecticut


US 8313289 - Gas turbine systems involving rotor bayonet cover plates and tools for installing such cover plates

US 8210804 - Slidable cover for casing access port.

US 8353633 - Bearing assembly, support and adjustment system.

US Application Pending – Compressor Having Hollow Shaft

US 9303655 – Seal for a High Pressure Turbo Machine

US Application Pending – High Pressure Casing Seal Configuration


Design Automation Associates (10 years)

Dan is the Chief Engineer leading the design and analysis efforts at DAA for such projects as:

  • Impeller Sand Erosion Test Rig
  • Turbo-Expander Diffuser Case Redesign
  • Subscale Centrifugal Compressor Aerodynamic Test Vehicle
  • High Pressure Gas Compressor Casing
  • Integrated Compression System Test Vehicle for Subsea Applications
  • Large Liquid Natural Gas Compressor Casings
  • Steam Turbine Case Product Line Analysis
  • US Military Terminal Airport Surveillance Radar Structural Analysis
  • USAF F35 Engine Support Equipment Structural Analyses
  • USAF F35 Bellows System Analysis
  • Orion Space Vehicle Battery Module Design and Structural Analysis.
  • Automation of Centrifugal Compressor Layout and Seed Parts/Drawings

 Dan has extensive knowledge of Design and Structural Analysis as well as numerous ASME specs including the Boiler and Pressure Vessel code. 

Pratt & Whitney (20 years)

As a Mechanical Design Discipline Chief for the Turbine Module Center, Dan:

  • Conducted and approved design reviews for turbine engine design teams 
  • Provided design criteria, methodology, and standard work for a variety of design tasks
  • Provided mentoring in design and structural analysis to younger engineers
  • Participated in design steering committees with all P&W Design Chiefs to address universal technical and process issues 

As a Principal Design Engineer/Sr. Design Engineer Dan was directly involved with numerous projects including:

  • F135 Low Pressure Turbine Rotor
  • PW6000 (A318) High Pressure Turbine Component Integrated Product Team,
  • PW4000 (B747/B767/B777/A330) High Pressure Turbine rotors 
  • For JT9D and PW4000 Programs Dan procured development hardware,
  • Participated on manufacturing councils for standardization of rotors and
  • Design of new burner/diffuser cases for aging JT9D engines
  • Provided closure to serious low cycle fatigue/rupture problems and enabled $25M spare parts revenues for P&W 
  • Performed Thermo-mechanical transient axial, and radial compressor/turbine gapping studies
  • Design and structural analysis of external plumbing, harnesses, and components for the F100/F119 Programs
  • Coordinated with the USAF, performed reviews at various USAF bases, performed FEA analysis, and obtained and interpreted data from strain gauge, accelerometer, shaker, and impact tests.

Textron Lycoming Gas Turbines

Developed in-house performance codes