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John C. Lambert

Position: President and CEO


MSME Structural Mechanics, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

BSME, University of CT


Leadership, Communication, Accountability, Management Negotiation Skills, Time Management, Technical Writing, Kepner Trego Problem Solving and Decision Making


Design Automation Associates (18 years)

John is the senior executive at Design Automation Associates. He also spent many years as a structural analyst at DAA on a wide variety of projects including compressor blades, aerospace batteries, metal bellows, aero-engine test stands and rigs, aero valves and actuators, compressor cases, turbine exhausts.   John’s career in knowledge based engineering systems began at UTC in 1991 and until 2007 John did extensive software development and project planning and management. John has written many software systems for both Engineering Automation and automated manufacturing and sales systems. John has published numerous papers on KBE and related engineering topics.

United Technologies Hamilton Sundstrand (11 years)

John’s experience includes Turbo Compressor, Propulsion, Environmental, and Space Systems Group Support.  His strengths include composites structures, pressure vessels, composite propeller, and fan blade design for gas turbines.  He is expert in heat exchanger coupled thermal structural analysis, propeller hubs, aerospace valves and actuators, compressor blades vibration and stress, LCF, HCF & crack growth.  John also has strong experience in many types of non-linear analysis including materials, large deformations, plasticity, elastomers, contact, fluid/structure interaction, bird strikes, implicit and explicit solvers and underlying mathematical theory. He has developed non-linear techniques for ball bearing analysis and characterization.  He designed and ran numerous tests for correlation to FEA.   He has extensive experience in both sinusoidal and random vibration and many life and strength prediction techniques. John co-coordinated the UTC Corporate Knowledge Based Engineering Group.  He developed numerous engineering automation applications in FORTRAN, NX, SDRC, Nastran, Patran, Marc, etc.

Textron Lycoming Gas Turbines

John performed structural analysis, specializing in hot section design and analysis using Nastran, FOTRAN code development for pre and post processing applications.  He also worked as a text cell technician installing, instrumenting and running gas turbines.