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Ryan Heap

Position: Mechanical / Methodology Engineer


MSME, Brigham Young University

BSME, Brigham Young University


Design Automation Associates (2016)

As a Mechanical/Methodology Engineer, Ryan is currently working with Siemens Energy developing custom NX tools for their modeling software transition and for gas turbine component design. This work includes custom Check-Mate checks and NXOpen applications for lean product development.  Ryan’s particular focus is design for variation, emulation and statistical modeling, simulation workflow automation, NX customization, lean product development, and knowledge based engineering.


Pratt & Whitney (3 years)

As a Design Engineer with Pratt & Whitney, Ryan led a team of engineers developing software tools to automate fan module concept initiation and concept optimization resulting in lead time reduction. He developed code to automate the creation and use of statistical surrogate modeling for design space exploration which enabled optimization, design for variation, and reduced airfoil design lead time. He led the outsourcing for creation of a 3D kinematic modeling tool using NX Motion Simulation to optimize linkage configuration allowing reduced turnaround design time. Ryan also participated in a design rotation as part of an engineering development program. He produced class II changes that resulted in reduced manufacturing costs, and re-sourced airfoil manufacturing to a new vendor impacting earlier product delivery. He supported the deployment of a multi-user CAD plug-in for Siemens NX, including assisting in the development of training documentation and troubleshooting user difficulties.