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Sean Sullivan

Position: Managing Partner, Chief Technology Officer


GE Edison Program

BSME, University of CT


Leadership, Communication, Accountability, Management


Upwards of 50 presentations, numerous papers and training classes            


Design Automation Associates (9 years) 

Sean is a founder of Design Automation Associates, a Principal Mechanical Engineer, and DAA's Chief Technical Developer for Engineering Automation.  Sean is recognized as a world-class expert in PLM Automation of CAD, FEA, Mechanical Design, and Web-Based systems, on a variety of platforms using various computer languages and tools.  Sean’s accomplishments at DAA include design, thermal and structural analysis for various space flight vehicles.  In terms of automated systems, Sean has written over 100 systems for the world’s most premier companies including Siemens Energy, Siemens Health Care, GE, Alstom, Dresser-Rand, Cooper, P&G, Unilever, NASA, BE Aerospace, United Technologies, SPX, Sikorsky, Northrop Grumman, and General Dynamics, to name but a few.


United Technologies Hamilton Sundstrand (11 years)

Sean was a mechanical electronics packaging designer for the F18, F119 and rocket fuel and flight controls.  He also began his career in engineering software and knowledge based engineering systems at UTC.  His projects included the automated design of various magnetics including transformer and amplifier design. 


General Electric Aerospace Control Systems

Sean was also a mechanical electronics packaging designer for the F110 fuel and flight controls.  All aspects of components section dealing with all flight conditions including shock, vibration and thermal structural loading.   Sean also studied after hours in the prestigious Edison Engineering program while at GE.