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CAE Automation

With CAE Automation you can compress analysis iterations from hours to minutes. 

Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE)

"As companies increase their reliance on simulation, they are seeking ways to speed-up the analysis process and increase simulation throughput. Today, many simulation workflows require analysts to perform the same manual task for each design analysis iteration. One way to increase simulation throughput is to capture repetitive CAE processes, standardize them, and then automate them.

NX CAE allows engineering organizations to capture the expertise of senior analysts and make it available for others in the organization to use in the form of wizards or templates. CAE processes can be captured and automated using NX Open, an open framework for automation and programming. Analysts can capture the steps in a CAE process using journaling, and then develop scripts and easy-to-use dialog boxes so others can use the same process. Since NX CAE is built on top of the same platform as NX CAD, designers who use NX continue to work in a familiar environment when they perform CAE work."  -Siemens


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