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"Knowledge-driven product validation is an innovative approach that encompasses the effective capture, management and re-use of knowledge within your company, allowing you to significantly improve your products and processes. Based on NX™ software’s Knowledge Fusion technology, NX Check-Mate from Siemens PLM Software provides an automated, customizable tool that helps companies proactively improve product quality.

Next-generation validation 

NX Check-Mate simplifies the work of design engineers by automatically ensuring that computer-aided design (CAD) data and product designs adhere to industry, customer or company standards. With continuous monitoring of developing designs, Check-Mate helps engineering professionals produce their deliverables right the first time. The organization can use Check-Mate to set up customized design checking and manage outsourced projects so that they comply with their organization’s standards and practices. The result is higher quality products developed more quickly and at lower cost.

Traditional validation tools don’t adequately address product and process complexities that designers face daily. Check-Mate uses the embedded knowledge technology in NX to capture standard processes and design methods, and re-use them in automated checks to improve quality and consistency. Companies can add and update checking rules at any stage of product development to expand the company knowledge base and achieve continuous improvement."

Benefits include:

  • Reduces costs related to engineering change orders, warranty repairs and product recalls
  • Ensures adherence to company standards Eliminates costly and time-consuming downstream corrections Identifies noncompliance to company standards
  • Alerts designers to inconsistencies in CAD model geometry
  • Facilitates validation as an automatic practice rather than an afterthought


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