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Knowledge Fusion

"Knowledge Fusion is a fully integrated knowledge-based engineering (KBE) tool that permits knowledge-based extension of NX by the end user. Compared to traditional KBE technologies, the tight integration of Knowledge Fusion into the NX digital product development system provides a significant advantage in the industry. Knowledge Fusion permits the creation of powerful applications that take advantage of engineering knowledge. It supports the capture and re-use of design intent and user intelligence to increase design speed and productivity while intelligently controlling change propagation.

Designers and application developers can work with Knowledge Fusion directly within the NX user environment to create rules that capture design intent. These rules can be used to drive product design, ensuring that engineering and design requirements are fully understood and fully met. Knowledge Fusion delivers new cost and time savings and raises quality by standardizing design processes, enforcing sourcing practices and incorporating
upfront the manufacturing and performance constraints into the design environment."


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