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A&D Supplier Solutions

Helping Suppliers improve timelines and costs of OEM product fulfillment

Featured Solution

Digital Journey of Aircraft Components

Learn how companies use digital engineering to create next generation aircraft components – 80% faster.

DAA helps A&D Suppliers improve timelines and costs of OEM product fulfillment

Shorten Design Timelines

Access preconfigured design tools and solutions specific to your business.   

Balance Design Performance and Cost 

Run thousands of design iterations to find the lowest cost design which meets OEM requirements.

Increase Productivity

Easily find and reuse engineering and manufacturing data. Gain control of change management and other processes. 

Collaborate with OEMs

Seamlessly exchange Design and Inspection data with OEMs to accelerate quotes, fulfillment, and inspection.

Accelerate Manufacturing 

Automatically feed design data to manufacturing applications, robots, and quality systems 

A&D Supplier Solution Center

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DAA Capabilities
Engineering Automation
  • Systems Engineering

  • Design

  • Simulation and Test

  • Manufacturing Engineering

  • Product Lifecycle Management

Model Based Supply Chain
  • Collaborative Quoting

  • Data compatibility between OEM and Supplier

Manufacturing Automation
  • Plant Simulation

  • Electronic Work Instructions for Assembly

  • Augmented Reality for Inspection

  • Design for Manufacturing

Software Expertise
  • Siemens

  • Ansys

  • Aras

  • Autodesk

  • Dassault Systemes

Advanced Manufacturing

  • Additive Manufacturing Support

  • Design for Manufacturing Support

  • Digitally connect BOM, ERP, and MES

Engineering Expertise
  • Autonomous Vehicles

  • Airframe

  • Battery

  • Electronics

  • Engine

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