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Is it Difficult to Find and Correct NX CAD Errors? 

DAA implements NX Check-Mate to resolve them automatically

NX Model Errors Can Slow you Down

Are you spending too much time finding and repairing modeling issues?

Or going back-and-forth with Design, Analysis, and Manufacturing to fix designs?  Or searching for parts’ geometries and features?

DAA has an Automated Solution

DAA configures Check-Mate to automatically validate NX CAD integrity and quality  

Check-Mate validates part file content structure, geometry quality and discrepancies, and model documentation such as PMI, drawings, and label text – in minutes.  And DAA’s experts leverage 15+ years’ experience to make Check-Mate work efficiently for you. 

Comprehensive Validation with a Single Click

Hundreds of checks are available

Nearly 300 checks are standard in Check-Mate, and DAA can write custom checks for your unique requirements.  Checks are run on individual parts, groups of parts, and entire assemblies.  And DAA configures Check-Mate to evaluate a design and automatically apply all relevant checks with a single click – resulting in the most accurate validation.

Tools to Regulate CAD Quality 

Integration and reporting give you control

Check-Mate results are stored in Teamcenter, so workflows can show checks completed, checks can be executed from Teamcenter, and out of date checks are automatically identified.  


Standard and custom reporting helps you recognize error trends, training needs, and supplier performance.  And Check-Mate enables you to define and enforce design rules with your internal team and external suppliers.

High Quality Designs Made Easier

Errors more quickly found - and solved

Design elements which violate standards and best practices are presented within the NX design as ‘tags’ which describe the error and make suggestions to fix it.  The Designer reviews each tag and edits the NX design to address the error. And in some cases Check-Mate can automatically fix the issue.

An ROI which is easy to approve

Spend a Little - Save a Lot

The cost for DAA to configure, train, and write custom checks is a fraction of the savings you will get from faster cycle times, less rework, and lower scrap.  


DAA has helped dozens of clients implement Check-Mate to take weeks out of their Design time, eliminate design errors, and reduce expensive rework.  We’d like you to be our next client.

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