Service Digital Twin
DAA implements Internet of Things (IoT), predictive modeling, and Augmented Reality (AR) to reduce downtime, sub-optimal production, and supply chain disruptions.
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1.  AGA Associates 2019 Voice of the Customer Report
Industry 4.0 Service Solutions

Complex products need precise service to ensure peak performance, and real-time field data should update the product designs to improve next generations.


But when field data isn’t connected to your service and design, you’re left guessing about actual performance conditions, loads, and duty-cycle conditions. This can lead to product failures, product over/under designs, inefficiency, and excessive design cost.


DAA has a solution.  We implement Internet of Things (IoT) and field sensors to capture the historic performance data needed to optimize designs.  We also implement augmented reality (AR) which compares products from the field with their launch ready design – allowing you to quickly pinpoint worn or non-standard parts. 

Why Use DAA to Implement Service Digital Twin?
Sensor data monitors KPIs, events, and anomalies to provide the design team with data needed to improve performance of next generation products or systems.
Tablet-based mobile apps use virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) to visually compare assets returned from the field to the launch ready design – allowing for fast detection of worn parts.
Sensors, VR/AR, and App data shared with service and design teams to optimize products.
Real-time sensor data used to predict performance trends so field asset output can be modified to anticipate changes in demands.  
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