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DAA automates physical testing of products to ensure accurate and robust tests, and reduce test time - providing assurance that your products will perform in real world conditions.  
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Industry 4.0 Test and Prototype Solutions

Testing to confirm that products perform as required in real world conditions is paramount to your success.  Also, quickly moving through the test phase allows production to start sooner.

However, physical testing can be difficult when using traditional, paper-based and manual communication and specification approaches.  Test procedures take time to create and often can't accurately replicate the actual product environment. In addition, test results can’t be easily traced to the requirements – especially over many design and test scenarios. 

DAA has a solution.  Our Digitally Threaded solution for test specification, test execution, and test data correlation speeds up the validation of simulation twins according to your product's real world conditions.  Test procedures are automatically generated based on the product design, and test results are digitally traced back to the requirements. 

Why use DAA to Implement Test and Prototype Digital Thread?
Ensures requirements are connected to appropriate simulation and test results, minimizing unnecessary testing time, and achieving first time requirements compliance more often.
System generated test plans, instrumentation, BOM, specifications, conditions, execution, and test data correlation eliminates manual communication and reduces errors, costs, and cycle time. 
Design, Simulation and Test teams share the same processes and data through Knowledge Based Systems - and test results can be viewed and used by all teams.  
System-generated data storage and testing eliminates calculation errors and use of incorrect data for tests.  
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