Simulation Digital Twin
DAA uses digital models to comprehensively test requirements - so you can be confident your products perform as needed. 
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Industry 4.0 Simulation Solutions

Confirming that system and product designs meet requirements could make or break your success - so high performance simulation and analysis is critical.

However, standalone digital or physical simulation can cause ineffective and time consuming testing. Manually created test procedures can be cumbersome and don’t guarantee all requirement are tested.  In addition, test results can’t be easily traced back to requirements – especially over multiple design and test iterations.  

DAA has a solution.  We implement Automation Simulations which enable all requirements to be confirmed quickly using many virtual-test scenarios - and all results are automatically shared with upstream and downstream engineering functions.  


Why use DAA to Implement Simulation Digital Twin?
Product design and requirements are seamlessly entered into the simulation model, and virtual-test results are automatically shared with Design, so results are never lost or misinterpreted


The simulation model automatically integrates the design and creates tests needed to confirm requirements


Upstream and downstream engineering functions can all view the design, requirements, and test results – allowing them to work together more effectively
Digital models can run many scenarios to thoroughly test whether requirements are met, and all tests are automatically tied back to requirements - even with design revisions
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