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Build Better Products Faster than Competitors

Helping your company understand the opportunities offered by Digital Engineering - for free

What DAA is Offering

DAA has helped your company implement engineering services and automation.

We've Worked Together Before

Along with more than 100 other manufacturers.  We’re experts at improving cycle time, cost, and quality.

Digital engineering automation is changing manufacturing. But it’s hard for manufacturers to know how to start.  As a courtesy to our clients, DAA is offering a free Digital Engineering Discovery.


Digital engineering reduces time consuming and error-prone engineering work. 


Learn About Digital Engineering's Potential 

The cost to you is $0.


And its Really Free

When implemented our clients have seen significant results:  50% reduction of Design time, 30% reduction of Manufacturing Engineering time, and quality issues eliminated1.  You could achieve similar results – starting with a Digital Engineering Discovery.


Although DAA usually charges $8,000 for travel and consulting time.


1. Evaluation

How a Digital Engineering Discovery Works

 A DAA Senior Technology team will visit your worksite for a day to understand your engineering and manufacturing process.  We’ll discuss your objectives, what’s holding you back, and where you’re willing to change. 

2. Findings

After the Evaluation you’ll receive a Digital Engineering Findings report which matches your objectives to digital opportunities.  You will see the benefits of digital engineering, potential scope, and how you compare to other manufacturers. 

1.  DAA Client Analysis, 2018

Offer open to DAA clients who executed a DAA purchase order between 1/01/2010 and 1/31/2020.  

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