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Software which Improves Engineering Capacity 

Engineering USA Recommends and Sells Software which Improves Capacity of Every Engineering Function

If you're struggling to meet deadlines and customer requirements,  Engineering USA can assess your current process and recommend practical software solutions which increase Engineering and Manufacturing throughput. 

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•  20+ years of Engineering software consulting, training, and process optimization


•  Experts at implementing Siemens technology which gets fully utilized, while minimizing disruptions

   and achieving near-term positive ROI.

“Engineering USA makes our Siemens’ Software work."

-Engineering USA Shipbuilding client

Systems:  Siemens Simcenter Amesim

Simcenter Amesim improves engineering productivity and time to market by allowing engineers to virtually assess and optimize the performance of end-to-end mechatronic systems.  It rapidly creates models and performs analysis using multi-physics libraries combined with application and industry-specific solutions. It can be coupled with Siemens or many other computer-aided engineering (CAE), computer-aided design (CAD) and controls software packages.

Case Study:  Parker Hannifin

"With a traditional engineering approach, it would have taken the engineers several more months to identify the defect.  Using Simcenter Amesim, it only took a few days."

Design: Siemens NX CAD

NX for Design enables you to deliver products “right to market, first time" using more virtual product models and fewer costly physical prototypes. It enables improved cycle times, costs, and quality - by delivering digital drafting and design, product modeling, design validation, design reuse, and many industry-specific solutions. 

Case Study: Piper Aircraft

"Increased fuel payload by 35%."

Analysis and Simulation: Siemens Simcenter

Simcenter is a highly integrated suite of CAE applications that greatly compresses multi-physics simulation processing time by combining best-in-class geometry editing, associative simulation modeling and multi-discipline industry solutions and optimization.  Fast and accurate pre/post processors and solvers (Simcenter 3D, Femap, STAR-CCM+) structural, acoustics, flow, thermal, motion, and composites analyses, as well as optimization and multi-physics simulation (HEEDS).

Case Study:  Design Automation Associates

"40-hour iterative analysis process drops to 15 minutes."

Manufacturing: Siemens NX CAM

NX CAM digitally transforms part manufacturing to improve cycle times  and lower costs.  This single application drives end-to-end part manufacturing operations by programming and controlling CNC machine tools, robotic cells, 3D printers, and quality monitoring.

Case Study:  Armo Tool

"Armo Tool increases overall operational productivity by 40 percent with NX."

Service:  Siemens Mindsphere

MindSphere is a cloud-based IoT (Internet of Things) open operating system which digitally connects products, systems, and machines. It enables manufacturers to more easily analyze and use large volumes of IoT and sensor data to automate and simulate engineering and manufacturing processes. 

Case Study:  SIMATIC

"$22,000 in electrical energy savings in 2 weeks"

PLM Platform:  Siemens Teamcenter

Teamcenter connects people and processes across functional silos to collaboratively develop products.  It leverages product data to connect design, analysis, test, manufacturing, quality, supply chain, and service.  An intuitive user interface makes it easier for multi-functional teams to partner on 3D designs, embedded software, workflow management, documentation, bill of materials (BOM), and more.

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