PLM Platform
DAA implements PLM platforms which control and share your product data, and enable automation of manual product lifecycle tasks - giving you lower costs, fewer defects, and faster cycle times.  


'DAA's work always meets requirements'1   
1.  AGA Associates 2019 Voice of the Customer Report

A PLM Platform is the foundation of your product delivery and service processes.  By managing your data and automating lifecycle management processes, an effective PLM platform can get quality products to market faster – at a lower cost.


However, if your teams cannot find data, misunderstand requirements, deal with rework, and experience supply chain problems, you are likely underutilizing your PLM system.


DAA has a solution. We customize your PLM platform to make your manufacturing data easy to control and access, while automating your PLM functions - even if you’re using 3rd party applications or have legacy codes.  

PLM Platform Automation Solutions
PLM Platform Organizes Unstructured and Disparate Data into a System Usable by All 
Unstructured Legacy Data
Expensive & Slow: Disorganized, redundant data, lost data, lack of traceability 
Structured PLM Data
Fast & Seamless: Organized, single source data, no redundancy, easily accessible
Why use DAA to Implement PLM Platform?
Every engineer accesses the same requirements and product related data throughout the PLM lifecycle - while each functional discipline gets data in their preferred view.
Shared data, requirements, and automation enables all engineering teams to work together towards the same goals. 
Product and process data integrated with functional modules - such as workflow management, requirements, planning, reporting, document control, simulation coordination, and change management - to improve speed and quality.
A single source of data reduces discrepancies and misunderstandings among multiple and disparate engineering functions.
PLM Platform Expertise

Simulation / Automation

Data Model and Storage
Workflow Management
Revision Control
Engineering Bill of Materials (EBOM)
Manufacturing Bill of Materials (MBOM)
Engineering  and Software Services
Custom Software
Legacy Code Upgrades
Configuration Software
Web Development
Mobile App Development
Software Expertise
Teamcenter Modules and Capabilities
Access Attributes from NX
Access BOP (MPP & NGP) from NX
Access Manager
Automated Item Creation from NX
Automated Trace Link Creation from NX
Business Module IDE (BMIDE)
Change Management
Classification Admin & Classification      Prospective
Maintenance Repair and Overhaul
Manufacturing Assembly
Reporting and Analytics
Requirements Manager
Simulation Management
Structure and Multi-Structure Manager
Teamcenter Foundation
Teamcenter Integration for NX
Workflow Handlers
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