Industry 4.0 for Shipbuilding
Designing, manufacturing and repairing ships that protect our nation and deliver freight are big jobs which require precision and cost control.  Fulfilling client specifications requires a connected and automated PLM process – which can be hard to implement.   
DAA has a solution.  We have worked with Shipbuilding clients for more than 10 years to automate and connect their PLM processes – which delivers big projects faster and with lower costs. 
'DAA is easy to work with'1
1.  AGA Associates 2019 Voice of the Customer Report
Why use DAA to Implement Industry 4.0 for Shipbuilding
DAA consultants have more than a decade experience working with submarine and surface ship clients 
We've implemented digital twin, digital thread, and PLM platform automation for the Shipbuilding Industry
We adapt innovative PLM technologies with Shipbuilding clients' culture, legacy platforms, and business environment 
Our Shipbuilding consulting experience allows DAA to quickly become a part of your staff - which shortens the learning curve

Case Study

A shipbuilding client's design process was time consuming and error-prone. Iterating through multiple designs was inefficient, and the related work instructions didn't provide the manufacturing information needed - which caused unnecessary delays and defects. 


DAA implemented an automated design process which reduced design time by 30%, and automatically created Visual Work Instructions (VWI), which provided the information needed by manufacting. 

MBD Demo Tech Summit 2018.

DAA Implements Industry 4.0 for Shipbuilding

DAA engineering consultants implement Digital Twins and Digital Thread solutions for your PLM platform which improve product development time, quality, and lifecycle cost.  

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