OEM and Supplier Integration Solutions

DAA enables OEMs and their Suppliers to work together more productively by coordinating their product data exchange and development processes  


▹OEM and Supplier Design Integration


DAA OEM and Supplier Solutions create high performing partnerships 

Allowing Suppliers and OEMs to Collaborate more Effectively 

If you’re an OEM whose Suppliers can't use your digital designs, or a Supplier receiving customer designs which are incompatible with your existing processes, DAA can help. 


DAA ensures OEM and Supplier design, manufacturing, and inspection processes work seamlessly.  Which leads to a dynamic supply chain that improves cycle time, cost, and quality. 

OEM design and revisions seamlessly update Supplier

OEM design contains everything needed by Supplier

OEM design compatible with Supplier CAD

Supplier manufactures to exact OEM design 

OEM installs Supplier on time and within budget

Supplier inspects parts to exact OEM design

OEM and Supplier Design Integration

DAA converts OEM digital designs into a format usable by Suppliers existing CAD, CAM, and Inspection applications and processes.  So Suppliers improve cycle time and quality by eliminating duplicating the designs, having precise instructions to guide the manufacturing process, and inspecting to the exact OEM design, and returning inspection data to OEM.  Entire supply chain is optimized .​​  - with minimal disruption to existing processes. 

Software Integration

Consulting Services




Solid Edge


Data Integration Solution

•OEM Deisgn with Supplier CAD/CAM Applications

•Data Network Configuration to Enable Data Exchange Between OEM and Supplier

•Software Sales, Installation, and training 

Use Case

OEM and Supplier Software Compatibility 

•Data Compatibility Between OEM TDP and Supplier

•Supplier Design using Accurate OEM Product Definition

•Supplier Model Quality Checking and Healing

•Supplier Inspection Matches OEM Design Definition

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