OEM and Supplier Model Based Definition (MBD) Integration 

DAA ensures OEM MBD digital product models are compatible with Supplier engineering, manufacturing, and inspection applications and processes


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Allowing Suppliers and OEMs to Collaborate using Model Based Definition (MBD)

If you’re an OEM whose Suppliers can't use your digital product models, or a Supplier receiving OEM digital designs which are incompatible with your existing processes, DAA can help. 


DAA ensures OEM and Supplier design, manufacturing, and inspection processes work seamlessly under MBD.  Which leads to higher performing partnerships that improve cycle time, cost, and quality for all. 

OEM digital product model transmitted to Supplier

OEM Supplier diagram.png

OEM digital product model holds everything needed by Supplier

OEM product model compatible with Supplier applications

Supplier manufactures to exact OEM design 

OEM installs parts on time and within budget

Supplier inspects parts to exact OEM design


Supplier Integration Solutions

DAA has a solution for Suppliers who are unable to efficiently use their OEM customers' MBD digital product models.  DAA translates OEM digital designs to be compatible with Supplier CAD, CAM, and Inspection applications and processes.  Suppliers get the data they need for accurate quotes, no longer must recreate OEM designs to fit their processes, and can manufacture and inspect products according to the exact OEM definition.  All with minimal disruption to the Supplier's existing process.

Use Case

DAA Helps Supplier Adapt to OEM's Drawingless Design 


OEM Integration Solutions

When an OEM’s MBD digital product models can’t be efficiently used by their Suppliers, DAA can help.  DAA works with OEMs to ensure their digital designs provide all the information needed by Suppliers, and enable the Supplier base to use the designs through training and software compatibility.  Tighter integration with Suppliers allows OEMs to expand their Supplier base, improve cycle time, and install Supplier parts with fewer turnbacks and quality issues.  


MBD Integration Services for OEMs and Suppliers

DAA works with OEMs and Suppliers to enable compatibility between a variety of Engineering applications, and integrates data flows and processes to ensure tightly coordinated product development. 

Application Integration

Integration Services





Solid Edge


Data and Software Compatibility

• CAD, CAM, and Inspection applications

• Network enabling data exchange between OEM and Supplier

• Software sales, installation, and training 

Process Compatibility

• OEM design contains all Product Manufacturing Information needed by Supplier

• OEM and Supplier designs use same product definition

• Supplier model quality checking and healing

• Supplier part inspection matches OEM design