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Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Solutions

Improving Engineering and Manufacturing Productivity

PLM is a Software Platform which Provides Control of Product Data and Processes

Time Savings  

Quick data searches, updated documents, and design reuse achieved through a single product database


Efficient Teams

Standardized parts, product data, and workflow management allow teams to work together efficiently


Real-Time Updates

Approvals, revisions, and change requests flow to Design, Supply Chain, and Manufacturing


Operations Integration

ERP, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, and Quality easily access updated product data



Automated reports manage costs, timelines, and quality

PLM Capabilities  

• Single database to quickly find data 

• Data always updated

• Information in right context for user

• Data reusable

Data Management

Requirements Management

• Single database to quickly find data

• Data always updated

• Information in right context for user

• Data reusable

• Simplified requirements capture and


• Traceability across Engineering and


• Facilitates requirements changes

Document Management 

• Secure collaboration

• Check in/check out

• Versioning and revision control

• Role management

Project Management

• Define schedule, tasks & dependencies

• Assign resources and deliverables

• View, start, and execute workflow

   management tasks

Workflow Management 

• Standardize and enforce processes

• Review and approve process documents

• Manage cross-functional teams

• End to end view of processes

BOM Management

• Manage BOM data across domains

• Align designs with engineering BOM

• Link BOM, MBOM, and the BOP

• Automatically update and track BOM 


Application Integration

• CAD, CAE, ERP, MES, CRM, and more

  share single data source

• Data sharing reduces timelines and errors

• Promotes collaboration across teams

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